Effortlessly build performant APIs

Fully featured

Everything that's needed to build modern APIs, from data serialization and validation to websockets, ORM integration, session management, authentication and more


Starlite puts great emphasis on developer experience and performance: It's one of the fastest ASGI frameworks and developing with it is just as fast


Fully compliant with the ASGI specification, Starlite is asynchronous at heart, but synchronous execution is not a second class citizen: Synchronous applications run without performance penalties

Community driven

Developed by a community of volunteers, and led by a team of maintainers, Starlite is a community project at heart

Opinionated yet flexible

Developed to encourage best practices, but flexible enough to stay out of your way


Bottom-up architecture makes it easy to develop modular and decoupled code, allowing applications to scale easily, both in development and deployment