Starlite is developed by a group of volunteers and outside contributors, and lead by a team of Maintainers.

From its inception, Starlite was envisaged as a community driven project. We encourage users to become involved with the project - feel free to open issues, chime in on discussions, review pull requests and of course - contribute code.

Every contribution is welcome and appreciated, which is why we follow the All Contributors guideline to recognise all of them - Including those that don’t push code.


The organizational structure is very much flat, with only two distinctive roles:

  • Members: People who have contributed significantly and have been granted limited administrative permissions to the Starlite organization

  • Maintainers: Long term members of the organization who have demonstrated a vested interest in developing and maintaining Starlite and its related projects, contributing significantly in administrative and development tasks


Current maintainers of the project are:

New maintainers may be nominated by any member of the Starlite organization and have to be approved unanimously by the current maintainers.